Aldi’s cheap AirPods sold out almost everywhere: you have these alternatives now

Are Aldi’s AirPod Clones Worth It? CHIP sent the product to the test laboratory.

The Maginon BIK-3 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds last between 200 and 227 minutes in our battery measurements. This corresponds to the manufacturer’s specification. With the charging case, the Aldi-AirPods can even be charged six times instead of four and thus have a total battery life of over 27 hours. In terms of battery, the copy does better than the original from Apple.

Things look different with the sound. There are already cuts in telephony. Calls received on the smartphone cannot be switched to the Maginon BIK-3 manually. If you answer the call on the earphones, you can hear the caller well, but conversely, you can only hear them washed out and break off from time to time. The volume is okay for that.

The Aldi AirPods could also sound better when playing music: We praised the sound quality for both the original Apple AirPods and the successor, the AirPods 2. The Maginon BIK-3, on the other hand, oversteer and blur in the bass and clatter tinny in the heights. Elaborately produced pop, electronic and hip-hop pieces only arrive mushy in the ear canal. Vocal rock and acoustic songs as well as airy classical pieces also sound metallic.

We also heard that as a reference QCY T1 (view on Amazon), the price tip from our test of True Wireless headphones and an earphone from the same price range. In comparison, this sounds much more differentiated and balanced. The bass is not so pushy on the ears, the highs flow comparatively smoothly. Where the details blur with the Maginon, they are simply harder to hear with the QCY T1. We liked the latter better in the test. But the battery life of our price tip is much worse: The QCY T1 only manages 3:20 hours, and around 15 hours with a pit stop in the charging case.

We heard these pieces in the practical test: “Tutti Frutti” by New Order, “Gravel Pit” by Wu-Tang Clan, “Universal Everything” by Leftfield “,” Capable of Anything “by Ben Folds,” Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Spring “by Max Richter,” I Dream of Water “by Mother Falcon,” Partition “by Beyoncé,” Tell Me A Tale “by Michael Kiwanuka,” Baggage Man “by Sizzar,” Cheap and Chearful “by The Kills,” Shine on You Crazy Diamond “by Pink Floyd,” Enter Sandman “by Metallica.

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