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Alba Parietti, immense pain for the tragic death: the last farewell is goosebumps – the Democrat

Alba Parietti greeted the disappearance of a person through a long message published via social media. Here is his sad memory

One of the most famous showgirls on Italian TV has decided to express all her despair following the tragic death of a man of her acquaintance. The news apparently was a bad blow for Parietti, who for this reason decided to bid her farewell through a post published on the Instagram platform that touched the hearts of her many followers.

Alba Parietti (Websource)

Not many days ago, quickly changing the subject, the beautiful TV presenter and columnist he congratulated his new partner. The man, with whom she has been together for four months, is called Fabio Adamiand in life he carries out the profession of sales manager of Poste Italiane.

Alba’s boyfriend managed to win her heart after she was single for some time. Unlike the showgirl, Adami he has never worked in show business and, as it turns out, he would be a very discreet and reserved person.

Alba Parietti, the poignant farewell of the showgirl

The mother of Francesco Oppini, competitor of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip, greeted the disappearance of Lucio Tasca D’Almeritaa well-known Italian entrepreneur to whom Alba is linked by a series of sweet memories: “Dear Lucio, what a sad awakening. With you goes the last of the Leopards, great entrepreneur, visionary man of great class, an unforgettable friend for me, witty, affectionate and generous “.

Alba Parietti (Instagram)

Parietti, with great sorrow, then continued her message with the following words: “I will carry the thousand shared moments in my heart, together with the most cherished memoriesthe laughter, the losses, the hospitality, the life together in Palermo lived with Giuseppe you and Toti whom you have reached today and all the others I am fond of ”.

After expressing her closeness to the whole family of Lucio Tasca D’Almerita, the famous 61-year-old born in the capital of the Piedmont region sincerely thanked the late entrepreneur and, above all, her friend for what he gave her: “Thank you wonderful friend, for everything you have given meof all that I have learned thanks to you, of the air and perfume that living with you has left me in my soul and heart. I will love you forever. When you reach Giuseppe and Toti, hug them very strongly for me too. Hello beloved Lucio “.

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