Al-Bilad Newspaper | Inventory of the property of 4 rulers in the case of Barcelona and Negrera

Friday 05 May 2023

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The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in Spain continues to investigate the case of Barcelona and Negrera, the former deputy of the Technical Committee for Referees in La Liga.

Barcelona faces accusations from the Spanish Public Prosecutor of granting suspicious financial payments to Negrera, in exchange for consulting services.

The newspaper “Marca” said that the Public Prosecutor’s Office lists the real estate assets of the governors Carlos Clos Gomez, Santiago Jaime Latri, Alejandro Hernandez and Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez.

And she continued, “Carlos Gomez, who is responsible for video technology in the Spanish Referees Committee, has 7 properties with an estimated total value of more than one million euros.”

And she noted, “In 2007, Carlos Gomez acquired a villa in Zaragoza of 813 square meters, paid in cash, and in 2013, he made 4 purchases.”

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