Akim of Aktau reported on the pipeline accident

Photo provided by the city akimat

news-id-117339" style="display:inline;">Akim of Aktau is on the main pipeline where the burst occurred, monitoring the work being carried out.
Akim of the region Nurlan Nogaev also visited the scene of the accident. He held an operational meeting with the heads of utility services and authorized government bodies.

The location of the accident has been established, the valves on both sides are closed, and the pressure has been reduced.

– Dear residents, a defect was discovered at the accident site, the valves on the pipeline on both sides are closed, the pressure has been reduced. Renovations are currently underway. In addition, the regional akim personally came to the accident site, held a meeting with utility workers and gave instructions. During the emergency meeting, not only this accident was discussed, but also what work would be carried out to eliminate such problems. All necessary special equipment is used. Now work is underway to replace the damaged section of the pipeline and a special plan has been approved, said Ulugbek Tnaliev.

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