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Aija and Jānis: Family, Relationships, and the Pressure to Have Children

Andreyeva reveals that Jānis’ eldest daughter Emilija, who is 14 years old, lives with them. “She wanted to stay in Latvia. A young lady, I feel a huge responsibility. At the end of the summer, her six-year-old sister Florence also visited us from Italy. We have a very good contact,” reveals Aija.

She continues: “I think we have a respectful relationship. It’s important to me that the girls are my friends.”

In this regard, there is a question that anyone with less shame tends to ask Aya, namely, is she planning to have children.

“It’s an impolite question, you shouldn’t ask it. For others, maybe it’s a big problem. But everything has its time, and the fact that nowadays people choose not to have children even until the age of forty is nothing special. Society is not educated enough in this regard. And asks: why did you take a cat and a dog, you have to give birth to children… I just got out of a big hole, I hope.

Time will tell. No need to cycle. There are things that should not be rushed,” believes Aija.

She remembers the time when she faced depression after the death of her father, musician Alex. “Just like with songwriting, when I was in a big hole and I thought I had to do, do, do. But you hit a wall. You have to allow time and the great director to make adjustments,” Aija believes.

As is known, Aija and Jānis have been together since 2018, but got married during the pandemic.

This is the second marriage for both of them – in the summer of 2013, Aija exchanged rings with businessman Tomas Bēržin, but the couple divorced less than three years later. On the other hand, Aišpurs had been married to interior designer Madaras Līviņas since 2006, and two daughters were born during their marriage.

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