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Ahok Questions President Jokowi and Gibran Rakabuming Raka’s Work in Viral Video


The video contains PDIP politician Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP) or Ahok asked about President Joko Widodo’s work (Jokowi) and Mayor of Solo Gibran Rakabuming Raka viral on social media (social media). The PDIP politician explained the meaning of Ahok’s words.

In a viral video seen on Wednesday (7/2/2024), a mother said that her family members chose pair number 2 Prabowo-Gibran. Ahok then explained that he did not want to elect a president who was unhealthy, emotional and unable to work. Ahok was worried if Gibran suddenly rose to office.

“Besides, we are worried that Gibran will suddenly step up,” said Ahok on stage with a picture of candidate number 3 Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud Md in the background.

According to the mother, it would actually be good if Gibran was promoted. However, Ahok questioned Gibran’s evidence of being able to work and also touched on the issue of Jokowi being considered able to work.

“But if the president only lasts for 2 years, his character is tested if he has power. Now I want to ask, where is there any evidence that Gibran can work as long as mayor? So do you think Mr Jokowi can also work?” Ahok said.

Ahok in the video is actually reluctant to talk about this in an open forum. However, according to him, it would be unfair to elect a president not based on work ability.

“Well, that’s why we can debate, I know better, that’s why I don’t feel comfortable speaking in public. But if you want to choose Mr. Prabowo, that’s your right. But I also want to say, it’s not fair if we choose the president not based on work ability,” said Ahok.

Ahok has been contacted separately regarding the viral video containing him talking about ‘Jokowi and Gibran’s work’. However, Ahok was reluctant to explain further.

Meanwhile, PDIP politician Ima Mahdiah explained the meaning of Ahok’s statement ‘where is the proof that Gibran can work’. According to Ima, Gibran’s track record has not been tested while in office.

Ima Mahdiah. (Samsdhuha Wildansyah/detikcom).

“What Mr. Ahok means is that Gibran has only been mayor for less than 4 years. With no legislative experience, and only a lifetime of executive experience, he is now competing in the presidential election, so his track record is still very minimal to lead 230 million Indonesian people. ” said Ima to reporters.

According to Ima, Ahok’s remarks were in line with Jokowi’s statement last year. Namely Jokowi’s statement about Gibran having just taken office in Solo so it is not appropriate to run as vice presidential candidate.

“This is in line with Pak Jokowi’s comments in May 2023, who said that at that time Gibran had only been mayor for 2 years so it would be illogical for him to be nominated as vice presidential candidate. That’s roughly what I understood what Pak Ahok said,” he added.


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