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Agne Bengtsson about Johan Hult; “Of course he is questioned”

The team with the country’s largest budget for its player squad has failed and must restart in the Hockey Allsvenskan.

Agne Bengtsson realizes the seriousness of it and has been prepared.

– Of course we had a readiness. But I probably want to digest this for a while longer, says Bengtsson.

How are you yourself?

– I have had a stomach ache for several months and it did not get better tonight.

What happens from now on?

– Right now we have to bully and suffer. But then it is important to be strong. Someone has to step forward and in my role I feel that I have to be the kind of person who moves the work forward, says Agne Bengtsson.

Agne Bengtsson on Hult: “Questioned”

For HV71, this now means a major financial loss. Despite the fact that you get a parachute of six million kronor, Agne Bengtsson reckons that you go back 30 million kronor.

– It’s just the league contribution. But then there is certainly an audience and sponsorship income on it, says Agne Bengtsson.

Do you feel motivated to continue?

– Right now it’s damn tough. But it is important to gather strength. We can not lie down and die.

Do you have full confidence in your sports director Johan Hult?

– Let’s look at that question. But it is clear that he is questioned in a situation like this. But there is no dissatisfaction from me. I know he worked really hard. But it is clear that sportsmanship has not been what we expected, and in that role Johan Hult is highly responsible, says Agne Bengtsson.

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