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[Aggiornamento]Voice of TGA Players “Yuan Shen” Topped the Number of Votes and Became the First, Sparking Off-Site Vote Filling Controversy |

“The Players’ Voice” gaming community vote held during the TGA Game Awards ceremony has always been considered a pre-ceremony awards skirmish, but this year, before the ceremony began, there were allegations of ” corruption” by players outside the venue The controversial rumor of vote manipulation, and the whole point of the incident revolves around “Genshin Impact”.

There are three rounds of voting for “Voice of Players” Before the second round of voting ended on the 4th, many players noticed that a game’s rating had increased significantly.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of votes of “Yuanshin” in the second round, some foreign players have complained.I notifyand expressdissatisfiedSome supporters of the game believe that the operator of “Yuanshin God” uses the prize as an excuse to distribute creation crystals (diamonds/roughstones) to players, so they encourage players of “Yuanshin God” to vote, and strongly criticize it as behavior of “corruption”.

However, after last year’s TGA 2021 awards, “Yuanshin” won the “Best Action Game Award”,The international version operation also sent players 1,600 rough stoneswhich is basically a common advantage for players in mobile game operations. On December 4, due to“Original God” won the “PlayStation Partner Awards 2022 GRAND AWARD”, and the Japanese version also issued rough stones as a reward

However, for the supporters of “Sonic Unknown Frontier”, it is not fair that “Original God” exceeds the number of votes in a short period of time, which makes players Reddit The forum questioned host Geoff Keighley, thinking that the “Yuanshin” community obviously used rough stones as bribes to allow players to use bots to vote.

Although Keighley replied that he didn’t know if the vote was a robot, he believed it was all due to the active fan community to support his game’s nomination, and said frankly, “The original intention of this is to let the operator the company promotes its nomination for the game, to inspire a campaign fueled by fan votes.


Given the dissatisfaction of the gaming community, although Keighley said at the end of his response that he would conduct an investigation, this may not affect the results of the ‘Voice of Players’ vote. After all, everything is a one-sided accusation from the gaming community.

Indeed, as foreign media my city To be fair, the TGA Game Awards are still essentially one of the games industry’s propaganda machines: while they can’t be compared to political scandals like the Panama Papers or the Watergate incident, the dull nominations and voting awards have indeed caused player dissatisfaction with dispute over winning games.

Till now,“Sonic Unknown Frontier” temporarily took first place in the third round of votingAs for whether there will be changes in the end, I believe that many overseas players are paying close attention to the movement of “Yuan Shen” votes.


[Aggiornamento: 6/12/2022 16:15]An hour after writing this article, the number of votes for “Original God” came in first place with “Sonic Unknown Frontier” at 40%. It is not yet known who will win the deer.


[Aggiornamento: 6/12/2022 alle 18:00]“Yuanshin God” surpassed “Sonic Unknown Frontier” and “Elden’s Circle” in the number of votes today (6) in a few hours, and temporarily became the number one game in the voice of players with a large gap in the number of votes.


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