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Kim Kardashian’s Skims Fabric Wrapping Paper Causes Controversy Among Fans

CelebritiesAfter the criticism of her “ugly Christmas trees”, Kim Kardashian (43) is once again making jaws drop. Some fans were quite surprised by her choice of wrapping paper. The presents under the Christmas tree are wrapped in Skims fabric, the reality star’s shapewear.


23 dec. 2023


Kim Kardashian proudly showed off her Christmas decorations in a post on Instagram. After the many Christmas trees, the presents under the Christmas tree are also discussed. The mother of four is known for her minimalist style, which she also extended to her gift packaging this year. The mountain of gifts under one of her giant trees immediately attracted attention. All white suits, wrapped with Skims fabric.

Although Kim herself was clearly happy with the unique choice of packaging, her followers were not so impressed, in fact, they were surprised. They quickly compared Kardashian’s choice to sheets and even diapers. Kim is already letting her followers know that she has definitely thought about it. “It’s cotton that I can reuse. Once it is opened, I use the fabric for things I make for my own family,” she tries to convince her fans. “I think it looks great. The fabric is beautiful and the technique we used looks great with my tree.”

Many did not fully understand Kim’s aesthetic vision and made that clear. “How do you know who the presents are for?” someone asked obediently. While another said: “It reminds me of nappies.” Someone else also commented: “I try to imagine myself as a child opening a present “wrapped” in a shirt, I think I would think my mother is crazy.”

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Kim Kardashian fans amazed by her wrapping paper © Instagram / Getty Images for Fontainebleau L

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