Ageless Stars: The Jennifer Aniston Regime

Jennifer Aniston’s star has been shining brightly in Hollywood for decades now. The actress won the love of fans as the spoiled but ready to change Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends. Gradually, Aniston became one of the queens of comedy, winning award after award for her performance on the big and small screen.

Behind the camera, Jennifer is just as popular. After creating an account on the social network Instagram in 2019, she managed to break the record for the fastest liked photo. The post was a shot of all six Friends cast members and literally crashed Instagram’s servers and the network was briefly down.

In addition to her charismatic personality and humanitarian work, Aniston also impresses with her flawless figure. On February 11, the actress will turn 54, but we wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t check on the internet. A toned body and youthful looking skin are due to a strict regimen of training, proper skin care and a healthy diet.

While her diet is closely guarded, aside from a few morning smoothie recipes, Aniston’s workouts are more accessible. Thanks to some of her personal trainers that she’s worked with in the past, you can follow the exercises the actress does to look tighter and younger.

Jennifer Aniston’s Workout Regime:

1. Training almost every day

Her personal trainer Leyon Azubuike tells Women’s Health that Jen works out almost every day of the week for an hour and a half, depending on where she is in her training cycle.

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Azubuike uses a training technique called periodization, which means he breaks the regimen into phases that can include weekly, monthly, or yearly training programs. This allows him to adjust things according to the actress’ schedule. And so the workouts range from three days a week for 45 minutes to seven days a week.

“Where we are in the cycle dictates the length and intensity of Jen’s workout,” he says. He adds that the schedule of the actress seriously affects the regime, because she must not overwork or injure herself.

2. He gets up early for training

Even if it’s three times a week, Jen’s workouts aren’t easy at all. Since she and her trainer have hectic schedules, they use every spare minute to work up a sweat. Sometimes that means getting up at 3 a.m. so Aniston can get her workouts in before work.

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3. He likes to change his routine

“We box, we jump rope, we do strength training, we do a lot of resistance band work,” says Azubuike.

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