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Agáta Hanychová’s Transformation: New Hair and Pounds Down After Breakup with Jaromír Soukup

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New hair and pounds down. It’s only been a few days since Agáta Hanychová (38) publicly announced her breakup with media magnate Jaromír Soukup (54). Everyone copes with the collapse of love in their own way, and women usually head to the hairdresser’s first. Agáta is no exception and she shared the overall visual change on her social networks.

Well-known influencer Agáta Hanychová announced on Sunday that her relationship with her boyfriend and media mogul Jaromír Soukup broke up after a year and a half. While the tycoon is in tears, Agáta decides to turn her stay-at-home mom into a dating cat again. And as is the case with women, the first to go was a new hairstyle and figure in a swimsuit.

Agatha got new hair

Every woman who goes through a breakup has a certain urge to make some changes, and Agáta was clearly no different. To the fans on their own Instagram flaunting her extended hair, which now reaches her cleavage, she also got her followers involved in her transformation, asking for advice on her new colour, which is now dark brown. She then shared the whole result on social networks and fans are excited.

“Dark brunette looks much better on you, it’s great,” wrote a fan under Agáta’s photo. “Beautiful, the breakup has benefited you,” wrote another follower, linking Agáty’s new look to the recent breakup. “The transformation really suits you,” another Agatha admirer reports enthusiastically.

Pound down

Losing weight shouldn’t be a problem for the influencer just because she runs around three children all day long and the stress of a recent breakup doesn’t add to her either. However, under the supervision of a personal trainer, she decided to take care of her health and banish her thoughts of a breakup. And after a while it will be a nice bonus dream character. Agata, who constantly tortures herself in the gym, boasted that at the moment she weighs 60 kilos and would like to get to 58.

However, the influencer commented on the breakup only once and has not spoken about it since then. In her only statement, she stated that she takes the breakup with the father of her daughter Rozárka as a life loss, as we have already written.

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