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Agáta Hanychová: Rumors of Relationship Failure and Social Media Comeback

Not so long ago, Agáta Hanychová (38) explained the absence of pictures with Mirek Dopita (39) on the networks by saying that she did not want to hurt anyone and that she had set up another account for family photos. However, now it seems that it was only an excuse, there are rumors in the backroom that her relationship with Míra has long since failed…

“Agata is slowly starting to prepare the ground for a comeback, because she feels that she made a big mistake with that return. Now she just doesn’t know how to do it so that she doesn’t look like a complete cow to people.” an informant who is supposed to be among Agáty’s close friends confirmed to Expres.

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“Agáta evicted him and is thinking about how to get out of it in the media. She understood that she had made a mistake. It’s a strange relationship that doesn’t make any sense,” added the source, who of course did not wish to be named.

The same Hanychová tries to refute messages of a similar type and refers to the Agata Family profile. But since October, when the first reports about the breakdown of the relationship began to appear, nothing has been added to him.

“According to all indications, they’re not even together anymore. In addition, their alleged professional relationship also ended. Mirek was supposed to help her with Instagram, but Agáta quickly gave up because she understood that Drink up they just don’t know how to use social networks at all. Their photo shoot in public is just a show that will end soon.” also means source.

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