Again, Honda Apologizes The Indent Motor Is Still Long


PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) again apologized to consumers regarding the delay in the distribution of the units ordered. Consumers had to experience a long pivot because motor production was disrupted due to the scarcity of semiconductor chips.

“We say thank you very much to consumers who have been loyal to Honda motorcycles. Overall, the demand for new motorcycles has started to improve since last 2021 and is still continuing until this year in the first half of 2022 in line with the improving pandemic and of course community activities that have starting to stretch and in a positive way,” said Marketing Director of AHM, Thomas Wijaya to reporters in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, Friday (1/7/2022).

“Unfortunately, this positive trend in consumer demand was disrupted by the lack of supply of semiconductors in the global market, which of course has an impact on all industries, including the production of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia,” continued Thomas.

“We appreciate and at the same time apologize to loyal Honda motorcycle consumers who have not yet received the desired motorcycle. We hope that the supply of this global semiconductor will be able to recover quickly in line with the normal start of people’s lives. We really want to be able to immediately meet the needs of lovers Honda motorcycles in the country, so that they can continue to accompany consumers in their activities to encourage economic growth, which of course will continue to grow,” said Thomas.

Previously, AHM through its official statement had also sent an apology to consumers for the delay in unit delivery in May 2022.

“Thank you to consumers who have chosen Honda motorcycles as their driving partners and have been patient in waiting for the arrival of their dream motorcycle. We apologize for making you wait longer,” wrote AHM (31/5/2022).

“Currently we are trying to overcome this problem to fulfill the wishes of loyal Honda motorcycle consumers as well as possible. This is our commitment, as we have done so far to always provide the best products and services for our consumers in Indonesia according to the spirit of One Heart, ” he continued.

According to General Manager of Corporate Communications of AHM, Ahmad Muhibbuddin, the products that experienced delays in delivery due to the semiconductor chip crisis were automatic motor models.

The current Honda automatic motorcycle products include Honda Beat, Beat Street, Genio, Scoopy, Vario 125, Vario 160, PCX 160, ADV 160, PCX e: HEV, and Honda Forza 250.

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