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Alexandra Daddario (36) met Andrew Form (53) in the pandemic on the streets of New York, and in true Hollywood style, they fell in love immediately.

Since then they did not hold back on the declarations of love on social media.

In 2021, they got engaged, and now report People that the star couple got married in New Orleans last month.

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Changed opinion

The star tells Vogue that she took inspiration for the wedding from a couple of friends.

– My friends Allie and Jake had the most amazing wedding in New Orleans, the actor told Vogue .

Daddario and Forms’ original plan was to get married in Italy, and enjoy Italian wine for three days in a row.

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But when the 36-year-old was at work in New Oreleans, she thought about the couple’s wedding. Thus, they switched from Italy to New Orleans, which the actor calls “a city full of music and life.”

The ceremony was held at the Preservation Hall in New Orleans, and the couple wanted an informal atmosphere.

Therefore, they keep the relationship private

Therefore, they keep the relationship private

– We loved what Preservation Hall looked like, both the age of the place and the flaws are clear. That’s what makes it so beautiful. We wanted it to be music, drinking and authentic New Orleans.

Daddario has shared several photos from the big day on Instagram.

To make the big day even more special, Forms’ two sons from a previous marriage, Julian (8) and Rowan (6), were ring bearers at the wedding.

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– We wanted to keep the ceremony itself short and simple so people could get a dose of love, and then go back to the music and the chatter, the bride explained to Vogue.

Chatted and drank drinks

The couple got engaged last summer, but first announced the engagement in December. She tells the magazine about how her husband went down on his knees.

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– We got engaged in August, but we agreed to get married one night in April after too much wine. I visited Andrew when he was working on Jack Ryan (TV series. Journ.anm) and they recorded the series in Athens. He took me to The Four Seasons (a hotel. Journ, note) so we could be at the beach. He went out, and when I followed him, he turned and proposed. Then we chatted and drank Pina Colada.

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