after violently wrecking Damso, Laouni explains “We are discussing”

La Fouine: after having violently wrecked Damso, the two rappers

Last week La Fouine surprised everyone by attacking Damso in response to a tweet from a user who said “I hope Damso classed La Fouine in the sound of Hamza” in reaction to the sentence “You keep typing“ sku, sku ”but your flow is gunned down” of the Belgian rapper in the title “God Bless” with Hamza, which had also reacted Booba taking a stand in this affair.

“If that’s the case it doesn’t even reach me from a guy who claims to have ken his mother in a sound” La Fouine replied on Twitter before adding on Instagram, “In any case, I learned that her mother is in a coma. Let him go and pray for him instead of throwing spikes in a clip where women are naked. Last things I see that there are still real guys here. paris Brussels is only 2 hours away, it’s my little one, when he wants I break his teeth. And it goes for everyone ”.

Laouni finally returned to his virulent remarks by explaining that there would be no clash with Damso but that the two rappers are simply in a discussion in response to a new tweet from a user on the social network Twitter, “There is no voyooooooons clash. We discuss “ said La Fouine, who will make a comeback this year with a new solo album of which he has already finished recording.


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