After Twitter expulsion: Trump deleted from “Kevin alone in New York” – Politics abroad

Twitter has kicked Trump out, Facebook and Instagram have blocked the accounts of the elected US President – and some film fans no longer want to know anything about Donald Trump (74).

A scene from “Kevin – Alone in New York” is a thorn in your side.

In the comedy, as in the previous film “Kevin – Alone at Home”, Kevin, forgotten by his parents, has to survive alone. This time he spends the parentless time in the famous “Plaza Hotel” in New York’s Central Park.

The hotel belonged to Donald Trump at the time of shooting. And at that time he wanted a short appearance in return for the filming permit. He got it: In a mini-sequence he explained to Kevin the way to the hotel lobby.

Trump’s screen time was limited to a few seconds back then – but for some, even that is far too much. You think that without Trump the cult flick would be a lot better.

Several suggested removing the current president from the film once and for all. And a tech-savvy Twitter user promptly got to work.

Its deletion result is reminiscent of the dexterity in its non-existent elegance. with RTL who edited Wendler out of DSDS, but makes the net great hilarity.

Some now draw parallels to “Alien vs. Predator”, others still lack a suitable voiceover or, in general, a visible alternative to the transparent pixels.



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