after Tracy Chapman, a rapper from the Bronx accuses her in turn of plagiarism

Brinx Billions claims to be the song’s sole songwriter Rich Sex, released in 2018 on the album Queen. According to him, the singer allegedly stole the melody and arrangements from her, as well as the title and entire verses. He is demanding $ 200 million from him.

Brinx Billions hopes to make millions out of this business. While he knows Nicki Minaj for nearly fifteen years, he assures that the singer plagiarized him. The latter would have had no qualms about him “wantHis song, he says. According to information from the American site TMZ, who obtained the court documents, this is the title Rich Sex, track recorded with Lil Wayne on his album Queen released in 2018.

Brinx Billions, Jawara Headley of her real name, assures to have made listen to this piece to the singer in 2016. Very enthusiastic, she would have predicted him a real success. But if she can boast of having had flair, Minaj would nevertheless have shown dishonesty. Brinx Billions says that besides the melody, arrangements and rhythm, Nicki Minaj would also have appropriated her title and entire verses. The only author, composer and producer behind Rich Sex, however, it is not credited as such on the song.

He is therefore suing Nicki Minaj, as well as the Universal Music Group, Young Money and Cash Money labels, from whom he is claiming 200 million dollars in damages.

Baby I Can Hold You de Tracy Chapman

This is not the first time that the album Queen by Nicki Minaj is the subject of plagiarism charges. In 2018, singer Tracy Chapman also sued the American rapper for copying her lyrics and melody on the track. Sorry. According to Chapman, it was an identical copy, with a few details, of his hit Baby I Can Hold You, released in 1988.

If Nicki Minaj’s agents had done “multiple requestsIn order to be able to use these elements, Tracy Chapman had said she had always opposed it. Finally, the rapper had given up on including Sorry in this disc more than 500,000 copies have been sold in the United States.


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