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After the fight Mitko from Plovdiv sells up to 200 pairs of socks a day (photos)

Mitko with his goods during the protests in his defense.

Some have tried to gain popularity on my back, says the street vendor

Do you remember Mitko with the socks, in whose defense dozens were raised, and the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev came to drink coffee with him?

The street vendor has not forgotten the paint that was unfairly inflicted on him by businessman Ivaylo Dadanski in the Kapana district. After the accident, people did not stop buying socks from him. Even in the cold, he roams the streets offering his wares. Without being intrusive.

Reaching out to a person is really reprehensible. But many Plovdiv residents reacted after the incident when some media outlets proclaimed Mitko a mascot of the city. “Are these the emblems of Plovdiv?” They asked bewildered.

The merchant tries to forget the unpleasant case. “I haven’t stopped for a day. I go out around noon, go around and offer my goods. People are friendly, many know me and buy. I sell over 100 pairs a day, I’ve reached 200,” says Mitko.

He would not stop working on holidays. Fame hasn’t changed him. He remained the same modest and hard-working man, say Plovdiv residents who sympathize with him.

The incident happened in May this year in Plovdiv’s Kapana district. The reason Dadanski attacked him was that Mitko lost his umbrella. A video on social media showed the attacker throwing Mitko’s goods and then hitting him with his head.

“There is no room for aggression in the creative industries neighborhood,” dozens responded. A wave of discontent arose against Dadanski, who was eventually forced to close his business at Kapana and leave Plovdiv. He had previously spent several days in custody. And in court he apologized for his action.

Now Mitko’s patron is the former DSP MP Petya Raeva, who owns a restaurant in “Kapana” and named it after the goods offered by the trader. He still can’t understand how aggression can be poured against such a quiet and hard-working person. RChorapu restaurant was opened in November.

“He comes to us every night to eat. He loves sweets the most,” explained Raeva, who as a parliamentarian became famous for her diets and sudden weight loss.

Mitko Stoyanov is 42 years old and continues to live in the Stolipinovo neighborhood. He has been selling socks in Plovdiv for more than two decades. He finished 6th grade and then started working. He did not hide that after he became famous for fighting, he received offers to do other things, but he refused.

“Some have tried to gain popularity on my back. I want to do what I love, and I refused. I’m grateful to the people who supported me,” he said.

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