After talking about his relationship with May Ezz El-Din … Mohamed Zidan in a romantic photo session with his wife

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Publication date: Monday, May 18, 2020 – 1:28
5/18/2020 1:28:13 AM

Football player Mohamed Zidan was a guest last Friday on director Inas Al Degheidy in her program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jaray” on “Al-Cairo and Al-Nas” channel. During the episode, he talked about his relationship with the artist Mai Ezz Al-Din and the period of their association and separation. (the details)

Zidane’s answer sparked that if Mai Izz Al-Din needed it, he would stand next to it again and some started talking as if there would be something between them again, but Muhammad Zidan preferred to respond to this controversy in a special way.

Zaidan, via his Instagram account, shared a new romantic photo session, which he gathered with his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary and wrote, commenting on the pictures: “Since you entered my life, I have been filled with love, dreams and happiness, a happy marriage day my love.”




It is reported that Zaidan and May Izz Al-Din announced their engagement in 2009.

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