That is why Yasmine Abdel Aziz asked for a divorce from Al-Awadi at the beginning of their marriage (video)

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Artist Ahmed Al-Awadi said that he has different eating habits than his wife, actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz, and because of them, differences occurred between them at the beginning of their marriage, which reached the point of “Yasmine” requesting a divorce because of his commitment to these habits.

“Al-Awadi” explained during his hosting of the “With You Mona Al-Shazly” program on the cbc channel: “At the beginning of our marriage, Yasmine was surprised that I ate pigeons with his bite, and I was surprised and asked me: There is someone who eats pigeons with his mouth? I replied: Normal. However, after that she was surprised and she was coming from outside and I was eating (Niyya liver) and at first she thought it was (jelly), as it was red and sticky, but she was surprised that it was (intention liver), as I used to eat it from my childhood after putting lemon and black pepper on it except that Jasmine Her reaction was violent and she asked me for a divorce .. But we passed that and every one of us keeps the other and does not bother him.

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