After meeting with the president, the new minister met with Miguel Pesce and Martín Guzmán

The appointed Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, and Martín Guzmán, who resigned from the position on Saturday, hold a meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy. The meeting took place after the meeting that Batakis had with the head of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce, whom she in turn saw after the extensive talk that she had with President Alberto Fernández in Olivos.

In the meeting with Pesce, the focus of the dialogue was “as a priority to advance in the development of the capital market, the support of the Central Bank to the price of securities, continue working on a sustainable fiscal program and the accumulation of reserves, which form part of the roadmap drawn up by the Government to stabilize the currency». As reported by the monetary authority, the purpose of the meeting was “to articulate work agendas.”

During the meeting, “the officials analyzed the macroeconomic and financial scenario and agreed on the need to move forward in deepening the development of the capital market,” the Central Bank said in a statement.

He also specified that Batakis and Pesce “shared the importance of continuing to work on a sustainable fiscal program and the accumulation of reserves and the support of the BCRA for the price of Treasury securities and bills.

“The officials highlighted the relevance of both processes in the roadmap drawn up by the national government to guarantee the stability of the economy,” in a meeting that also addressed “aspects related to the impact on the foreign exchange market of the energy policy and evaluate the measures implemented to optimize the payment system for imports».

Previously, the appointed Minister of Economy met with President Alberto Fernández at the Olivos residence.

Batakis, who until now was serving as Secretary of Provinces of the Ministry of the Interior, held a working breakfast in Olivos with the president and with Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero. One hour before the swearing-in, at 4:00 p.m., the head of state will sign the promulgation of the Tax Relief Law in his office, where he will be accompanied by the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, and a group of ruling party legislators.

Daniel Scioli, during his 2015 presidential campaign, had mentioned her as the one who would be his Minister of Economy if he were elected president and, at this time, people very close to the Minister of Productive Development affirm that “he considers her a great professional, very formed, of great human quality and highly respected by all».

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