After her nude photo .. Lina Al-Fishawi sends a message to her followers via Instagram

“Lina” shocked the daughter of the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, her father again, after the photo she posted on her personal account on the Instagram application, and it appeared almost naked, which sparked a great case of controversy about it, and the discontent of some of her followers via Instagram.

Lina Ahmed Al-Yveshawi sent a message to her followers via Astury to her on Instagram in English and Arabic trying to remember some Arabic words and enable her to speak better in English.

Lina said during a video on the Asturian that she deeply apologizes to many people who express their strong love for her and hope to communicate with her, but she did not respond to the messages because she cannot speak to people that she does not know, especially men, so it is possible that this person is bad so she is happy with the messages that She sees her followers, but she apologizes to them.

Lina put some icons on her face while she was throwing the video.

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