After a tropical Friday, it will cool down a lot, showers and thunderstorms will arrive!


“On Thursday, a warm front will advance eastward through Central Europe. Warm air from the southwest will begin to flow behind us. Its tide will culminate in front of a undulating cold front that will advance east through our territory on Friday afternoon and Saturday night. it will expand the area of ​​higher air pressure to Central Europe, which will gradually weaken in the end, “the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) writes on the website.

According to experts, the first storms will arrive in the process čtvrtka. “It will be mostly cloudy, occasional rain, during the day from the southwest bursting clouds and occasionally showers or thunderstorms. Lowest night temperatures 15 to 11, in the north only 8 ° C. Highest daily temperatures 19 to 23 ° C, in the south up to 26 ° C, in 1000 m in the mountains around 14 ° C, in Šumava around 19 ° C, “meteorologists promise.

On Friday they will come as predicted by the tropics. It will usually be partly cloudy, but in the northern half of the republic it will occasionally be threatened by showers. In the afternoon, the weather will start to deteriorate from the west, it will cloud and there will be showers, sometimes even thunderstorms in most of Bohemia. It will rain only occasionally in Moravia and Silesia.

At night and in the morning, temperatures will be between 12 and 16 degrees, during the day between 27 and 31 ° C, in the southeast of the Czech Republic the maxima will be two degrees higher.

Weather forecast for today and the next following days:

It will be rich in rain Saturday. “Cloudy to overcast, in most areas rain or showers, in Moravia and Silesia initially occasional thunderstorms. From the northwest gradually precipitation and cloud subsidence. Lowest night temperatures 18 to 14 ° C, in the west 12 ° C. Highest daily temperatures 17 to 21 ° C, “CHMI describes appreciable cooling.

To Sunday it will be more suitable for a trip to nature. It is forecast to be clear to partly cloudy, during the day to cloudy. Showers appear only occasionally, as do the morning mists. At night it will be between seven and eleven degrees, during the day it will be between eighteen and twenty-two.

It will be clear to partly cloudy at first Monday, but then the sky begins to cloud and especially in the northwest, there are occasional showers. The lowest night temperatures 10 to 6 ° C, the highest day temperatures 19 to 23 degrees.

And the weather view from Tuesday to Thursday? “Mostly partly cloudy, occasionally showers. Gradually showers, sometimes and occasionally thunderstorms. Lowest night temperatures 11 to 7 ° C, gradually 15 to 11 ° C. Highest daily temperatures 22 to 27 ° C,” conclude the weekly forecast by meteorologists.

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