After a rainy cold weekend, it warms up slightly, but the rain lasts until mid-October

After a cold and rainy weekend, it will warm up, but in October temperatures will gradually drop. Weekly highs descend from 16 to 12 degrees Celsius. It will also rain next weekend after the weekend, with the driest of the next four weeks in mid-October. This follows from the monthly weather forecast published by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute on Friday.

In September, temperatures have mostly remained above the long-term normal, meteorologists warned. “In the following period, temperatures will fall and gradually approach normal,” they said. As well as weekly highs, nighttime minimum temperatures will gradually decrease, from around seven degrees to two degrees Celsius.

Precipitation will be above normal next week, after which it will rain less. “Precipitation will gradually decrease during the period and the least frequent will be in the middle of October. Overall, the period from the end of September to October 25 will be normal in precipitation,” said the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI).

The average precipitation for the period between September 28 and October 25 is 37 millimeters. According to records kept since 1951, rain and snow fell the most in 1964, when meteorologists measured 104 millimeters. It was the least in 1951 with a total of one liter per square meter.

The long-term average temperature for the next four weeks is 8.8 degrees Celsius. It was coldest in 1974, when the average was 5.3 degrees. So far, meteorologists recorded the highest average of 13 degrees Celsius in 1966.

According to the CHMI, the monthly outlook focuses on weekly averages and therefore does not cover all possible weather fluctuations. According to meteorologists, the success of the outlook is around 75 percent at temperatures and around 65 percent at precipitation. The forecast for the third and fourth weeks is often close to the long-term climatic values ​​for the given periods.

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