Citizens’ complaints increased about the high prices of electricity bills

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Citizens’ complaints about the high cost of electricity consumption increased during the past few days, with irregular readings and billing in a number of regions, expressing their anger at the electricity departments not examining their complaints and only requiring them to pay first, despite the Ministry’s assurances that all incoming complaints must be examined.

Al-Masry Al-Youm tried to communicate citizens’ complaints to the complaints office at the Ministry of Electricity, to no avail, at a time when the meter reading pictures and the issued receipts showed the existence of big differences between the reality of the actual reading and the recorded in the receipt.

Hamdy Ahmed, a resident of Sharkia governorate who is affiliated with the Sharkia South Electricity Distribution Administration, said that the difference in the readings between the one registered in the electricity bill and the meter has increased significantly, as the apartment has not been inhabited since 2017 and the company was then informed and paid the bill, but he was surprised by the issuance of an invoice. Last August, it includes accumulations of 6,970 kilowatts, a value of 5,783 pounds, and a balance of installments of 1472 pounds.

Nadera Hassan, a resident of the Dar es Salaam area in Cairo, complained about the continued issuance of unjust invoices and inflated values. Nashat Abdel Hamid, a resident of Bulaq Al-Dakrour, indicated that the electricity meter reading was irregular, pointing out that he had not paid the last bill due to an increase in consumption of approximately 135 kilos, so he took a picture of the meter and went to the company’s headquarters, to no avail.

For its part, sources at the Ministry of Electricity confirmed that it is working to solve all citizens’ complaints about consumption bills, which varied in the recent period due to the summer months in which consumption rises at normal rates compared to the rest of the year, explaining that any citizen who has a complaint about consumption must go to a branch The distribution company affiliated with it or informing the hotline, confirming that Minister Dr. Muhammad Shaker gave strict instructions to all leaders of the electricity distribution companies to examine any complaint and respond to it on the same day.

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