Affected by AstraZeneca vaccines ask to be recognized

“It is Kafkaesque not to have any medical report that certifies that the cause of the thrombi was the vaccine”

The head of the Association of essential workers affected by the AstraZeneca vaccinePedro García García, has demanded that it be recognized that the pathologies suffered by this group have been caused by the serum and that those affected are compensated.

This was requested by García in his speech this Monday before the Research Commission on the management of vaccines and the Vaccination Plan in Spain, where he reported that after being vaccinated in February 2021, “as was my duty as a teacher and as citizen”, he was hospitalized for a month after suffering thrombiwhich forced him to enter the ICU.

He has reported that before getting the serum he wanted to make sure that the vaccine was safe and discovered that “it was similar to others administered to the population with a majority of mild or moderate reactions, which resolve in a few days,” according to pharmacological reports. .

Despite his hospital admission, García has lamented not having “any medical report that certifies that the cause of the clots was the vaccine” and he explained that a year later he is still out and is unaware of the consequences it could have in the future.

Thus, has described as “Kafkaesque” that while part of the medical team commented to him in private that “in all probability the cause of his ills was the vaccine, this information cannot be reflected in a medical document“, while recalling that they were advised against a second dose of AtraZeneca “because of the sequelae it has.”

“It is surreal that the true cause of our situation is not recognized and we have to group together and come to Congress to achieve it,” García snapped at the deputies, before whom he said that it would be fair to receive compensation.

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After assuring that he does not question the validity of the vaccines, he has demanded that it is recognized that “some and some batches have serious effects and cause great illness or death”.

It has also demanded that it be clarified whether people with previous pathologies should have been excluded from AstraZeneca’s administration, as well as that psychological care be recognized for those affected or that they be financed with the medicines necessary to treat their pathologies.

The deputies have also listened to the heads of the NGO Doctors of the World, María Turienzo, and Amnesty International, Esteban Betltrán, who They have demanded that the necessary measures be adopted to guarantee universal access to vaccines.

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