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AEW Dynamite Report – Cody Rhodes Finally Gets What He Deserves

Saturday Night Dynamite started off with a packed first hour, featuring three matches, promos from Jon Moxley and MJF, the formation of a new stable led by Eddie Kingston, and Chris Jericho challenging Orange Cassidy to the first-ever Mimosa Mayhem match at All Out. I’m one hour into what’s going to be at least five hours of wrestling to recap tonight—Gotta pace myself.

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AEW Dynamite Report for August 22nd, 2020 Part 2

Dark Order’s 3, 4, and 5 come to the ring. That’s Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Alan Angels. Don’t sleep on any of these guys, despite the fact that it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart because of their near-identical costumes and masks. Then The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega come out.

Dark Order vs. The Elite

  • Alan Angels and Nick Jackson start off the match.
  • The first part of the match is all Bucks and Kenny.
  • But Dark Order attacks Omega with a chair outside the ring.
  • Matt Jackson comes over to try to help and gets beat up too.
  • Now Dark Order takes control just as Dynamite takes a commercial break.
  • Okay, so Angels wears a flag with the Roman numeral V on it, so that’s how we can tell him apart. Now, if I can figure out the other two…
  • Nick Jackson gets a hot tag just as Dynamite comes back.
  • I have to say; I’m not a fan of the way the commercial breaks have been produced this week. It’s very noticeable that a commercial break starts just as the heels gain momentum, and ends right before the faces get it back. That’s how every nearly WWE match is, and I don’t need that formula from Dynamite.
  • Anyway, it soon devolves into chaos, with both Bucks taken out and Kenny taking a bunch of offense from Dark Order.
  • Kenny makes a comeback with snapdragons and a V-Trigger.
  • Kenny tags in Matt and the Bucks go for a Meltzer Driver, but Dark Order reverses, and Angels hits a top rope stomp on Matt Jackson.
  • Kenny breaks up the pin and then hammers Angels with punches, a bit heelishly, I feel.
  • The Bucks hit a double superkick on Angels as he flips off the top rope, then they hit an assisted Indietaker (Kenny flipped Nick up the air), followed by a one-winged angel from Kenny for the win.

Kenny grabs a chair from outside the ring and sets it up, legs pointing up. He wants to powerbomb Angels into it. The Bucks stop him, and they argue. Commentary plays it up like Kenny has snapped. The slow heel turn continues.

Alex Marvez interviews FTR and Tully Blanchard backstage. He announces that there will be a gauntlet match next week to decide who will have the next shot at Omega and Hangman Page. As the number one ranked tag team, FTR will go last in the gauntlet. Marvez wants to know about FTR’s relationship with Blanchard. They explain it’s about becoming the best. Blanchard gives them a pep talk about winning the gauntlet match and winning the championships.

Hangman Page approaches and yells at FTR for attacking Ricky Morton and giving him the spike piledriver last week. Cash Wheeler says that was FTR’s business, and they felt disrespected. Page wants to know about Dax Harwood faking an injury during their ten-man match. Harwood says he didn’t trust the Young Bucks and Kenny, and that was a test, and Page is one of only two guys who went backstage to check on him. Harwood talks about how if The Young Bucks win the gauntlet match, they may put Page right back under their shadow. He talks up their respect for Page, and Page seems to accept the explanation. He drinks a beer with them. Dynamite goes to commercials.

Darby Allin comes out to the ring, no skateboard, for a match with Will Hobbs… who he immediately dropkicks and assaults as soon as he gets to the ring.

Darby Allin vs. Will Hobbs

  • Hobbs gets a fair bit of offense in on Allin in the beginning of the match, even though the point of this match is essentially a squash for Allin.
  • Mike Chioda is reffing the match, even though he’s not known to have an AEW contract. This was taped last week, though, so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
  • Allin hits some quick offense, and a coffin drop and gets the pin.

There was a lot of selling by Darby Allin in there for a squash match. After the match, Taz stands up at the commentary table and calls out Allin. He says Team Taz has a new member, and he wants Allin to meet him. His name is also Darby. Darby Allin’s music plays again… and out comes… Ricky Starks dressed up like Darby Allin and mocking his nihilistic attitude in a promo. “The two things I like in this world are skateboarding and cuddles.”

While Allin is watching Starks make fun of him, Brian Cage sneaks up behind him and hits him with the FTW belt. Starks runs down to the ring and gets in his face and cuts a promo as himself. A good promo about how much better he is than Allin and how Allin is a joke. Starks hits Allin with the skateboard, then goes up top and hits a (purposely) bad looking coffin drop off the middle rope.

Sammy guevara comes out with some signs for a picture-in-picture segment. Here’s what they say:

“Dear Matt. I want to say… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I put you out. I’m sorry You can’t catch… Chairs! I’m sorry Sammy is an idiot. Sammy is about to be…. broken! Consider him… “

At this point, Sammy realizes the cards have changed and aren’t the ones he’s written. He looks at the last one. “Deleted.” Matt Hardy comes out and attacks Sammy with a chair. He beats the crap out of him on picture-in-picture. Without a doubt, Sammy Guevara’s bits are the best use of picture-in-picture in wrestling.

Hardy is still assaulting Guevara after the match. He tosses him off the stage through a table. Hardy follows and gets another chair from under the ring. Referees come out and stop him while Sammy is taken away. Hardy shouts that it’s not over until he ends Sammy.

Backstage, Thunder Rosa cuts a promo with the NWA Women’s Champion. She introduces herself. She’s here to bring the AEW Women’s Division to the next level and get the respect they deserve. She challenges Hikaru Shida to a match at All Out. She says in Japanese, Spanish, and English, “I am here for this championship and nothing else.”

Veda Scott joins the commentary team for the finale of the Deadly Draw Women’s tag-team cup tournament. Shaul Guererro introduces Diamante and Ivelisse, then the Nightmare Sisters. Brandi Rhodes and Allie have Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall with them.

Nightmare Sisters vs. Ivelisse and Diamante – AEW Deadly Draw Final

  • Ivelisse and Diamante start off the match.
  • Brandi gloats after a flashy grappling exchange.
  • Ivelisse takes control with strikes and tags in Diamante.
  • Brandi tags in Allie. As they jockey for control, Allie ends up tossing Diamante out of the ring.
  • While the ref is distracted trying to keep Ivelisse from entering the ring, Brandi gets in a shot on Diamante.
  • Dynamite goes to commercials, and Allie controls through the picture-in-picture.
  • Diamante fights out of a superplex attempt and suplexes Allie when the break is over.
  • Diamante makes the hot tag to Ivelisse as Brandi tags in.
  • Ivelisse kicks Brandi’s ass but can’t get the three-count.
  • She tags Diamante back in, and Brandi pulls some Hulk Hogan stuff and slams them both head-first into each other.
  • Allie tags in and almost pins Diamante, but Ivelisse breaks it up.
  • As Ivelisse tags in and she and Diamante try to finish off Allie, QT Marshall jumps up on the apron and interferes.
  • Brandi tries to turn the tide but ends up getting tossed outside on top of Marshall.
  • Ivelisse gets the pin with a rolling snapmare and a kick to the head.

I’m really pleased these two ended up winning here and that they won as faces. Between the Thunder Rosa challenge and this tournament, plus Britt Baker coming back from injury, the AEW Women’s Division is looking the best it has ever looked. Madusa presents Ivelisse and Diamante with roses and the cup. They tear up the roses and pull out Puerto Rican and Cuban flags as commentary explains this win isn’t just about them, but about their heritage.

Commentary talks about next week’s Dynamite, airing on Thursday. Chris Jericho will be on commentary. Natural Nightmares vs. Young Bucks vs. Best Friends vs. FTR in a Gauntlet Match. Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara in a tables match. A contract signing for Jon Moxley and MJF. And Big Swole vs. Britt Baker in a handicap match with Penelope Ford against Big Swole.

Brodie Lee comes to the ring. He does not have the Dark Order with him. Cody comes out with just Arn Anderson. Justin Roberts does the introductions. It’s main event time.

Brodie Lee vs. Cody – TNT Championship Match

  • Lee is full of energy at the start of the match. He hits Cody with a flurry of offense and then tosses him right out of the ring.
  • Lee big boots Cody over the ring barrier, and they brawl in the crowd. The wrestler crowd, not the fans in the upper deck.
  • Lee brings Cody back in the ring and hits some hard suplexes.
  • Lee hits a pair of big powerbombs. He’s just murdering Cody here. Cody hasn’t gotten any offense.
  • He hits his discus clothesline and gets the pin.

Holy crap, a squash! Cody is dead in the ring. Brodie Lee is the new TNT Champion. That was a great win for Lee and an exciting title change on Dynamite. Lee suddenly looks so much more important.

Tony Schiavone comes out to interview Lee. The Dark Order comes out to celebrate. Lee says nobody thought they could do this. Nobody believed in the Dark Order or Brody Lee. People like Tony created this monster, and now he’s a problem for AEW. With the title comes the power. Dark Order is at the top now.

Lee berates Tony some more. While all of this is happening, Cody is stretchered out of the ring. He hasn’t moved since the match. They strap oxygen on him, and he’s blinking, but he’s selling like he’s totally out of it. Cody raises a weak thumbs-up as the doctors try to pull him out of the ring.

Dark Order follows Cody up to the top of the stage. They beat up Arn Anderson and the doctors, then wheel Cody back out of the entrance tube and dumb him off the stretcher on the floor. Dark Order swarms and chases off officials and medics. Cody gets to his feet, and Lee hits him in the face with a black bag filled with something heavy. Dark Order drags out a beaten-up Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. It’s a massacre.

Brandi comes out and throws herself over, Cody. Brodie gestures to Anna Jay, who pulls Brandi off and chokes her out. Lee dumps out the contents of the bag on Cody. It’s the shattered pieces of the old TNT Championship.

That was a killer ending to Dynamite, and commentary did a great job of selling it. Cody has been built up so well that even this total squash won’t hurt him. In fact, it may even make him more sympathetic. But this makes a world of difference for Brodie Lee and Dark Order, who needed a big win. I wish I had more time to appreciate how awesome that was, but I’ve still got a three-hour NXT Takeover to watch. So on that note, I’m out!

This post is part of a multi-part series: Saturday Night Wars for August 22, 2020 – AEW Dynamite vs. NXT Takeover XXX.

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