Aespa’s Winter Surprises Dancers in ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ With Gifts

Aespa’s Winter Surprises Dancers in ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ With Gifts

Dancer Redrick Instagram

aespa Winter gave a surprise gift to the dancers who participated in ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Swoopa 2’).

On the 27th, a video and photo with Espa Winter were released on the social network service (SNS) account of dancer Redrick, who is active in ‘Swoopa 2’.

Redrick posted a video of Winter, who joined the ‘Swoopa 2’ mega crew mission as a helper dancer, giving gifts to all the dancers, saying, “You must have been hectic with your busy schedule, but Minjeong, who even prepared gifts for the dancers, you’re really cool.” He left a message saying: In addition, Red Rick expressed his gratitude to Mannequin and all her dancers, saying, “Every moment was touching and happy.”

Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ capture

On the 26th, Espa Winter attracted attention by joining the Mannequin crew as a helper dancer through his relationship with Mannequin Redrick and Waxsi in the ‘Supa 2’ mega crew mission.

Meanwhile, Winter will begin Espa’s first European tour in Germany and continue the European tour in London, England on the 28th.

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