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Adugs confectionery continues to operate on suspicion of human trafficking, does not rule out the suspension of the production plant / Article / LSM.lv

According to public information that the police suspect human trafficking in the Latgale confectionery company “Adugs”, its employees have sent an open letter to the highest state officials with the signatures of 79 employees, questioning the veracity of this information and calling for a thorough investigation. The company is currently operating, but does not rule out that production will have to be stopped.


  • Suspicions of human trafficking fall on the Latgale confectionery company Adugs.
  • 79 out of 270 pastry workers question the open letter.
  • Employees are afraid of losing their jobs and call for a thorough investigation.
  • Company lawyer: For the time being, the plant continues to operate.
  • Lawyer: Supermarkets have stopped cooperating – if they do not resume, the factory is in danger of bankruptcy.

Adugs continues to operate after suspicions of using slaves, does not rule out the suspension of the factoryLāsma Zute Vītola00:00 / 03:22

On the page of Līvāni confectionery company SIA “Adugs Production” on the social network “Facebook” an open letter from employees has been published, addressed to the President, the government, members of the Saeima and the public, expressing concern that the name of their workplace has come into an unreasonably bad light. They emphasize that the management of the company is welcoming, supportive and respectful of different cultures.

The authors of the letter fear that the company, which employs 270 people, is trying to destroy it. The letter was signed by 79 people.

Asked if the plant would continue to operate, the company’s lawyer Viktorija Jarkina stated that “this situation can change every day”.

“Production is still taking place. How supermarket announcements affected [par sadarbības pārtraukšanu]? In fact, if sales to supermarkets are not resumed, the plant will be on the verge of bankruptcy. And in fact, more than 250 people will lose their jobs, ”the lawyer predicted.

“This police press release has led to an unheard of situation that, on the basis of which a person’s guilt has not been proven and an investigation is underway, supermarket chains have suspended cooperation, as well as credit institutions. One credit institution has already terminated the agreement, and if another credit institution does so, there will be less one factory in Latgale, ”said the lawyer.

Due to rumors and suspicions of human exploitation in the company, several retailers, such as “Maxima Latvija”, “Rimi”, “Elvi Latvija”, “top!” And “Citro”, suspended cooperation with the confectionery company “Adugs”.

“Maxima Latvija’s core values ​​are honest and transparent business, therefore, upon receiving such information, we reacted immediately, suspending the cooperation until further clarification of the circumstances. In our understanding, the suspension of cooperation means that we do not place new orders, do not buy new volumes and sell existing products in our stores, ”explained Liene Dupate-Ugule, a representative of Maxima Latvija.

Currently, Maxima Latvija is waiting for an explanation from the confectionery supplier.

“We have asked for an explanation of what happened, because we primarily received news from the mass media last Friday and we and our team of lawyers have requested an explanation in detail about how something like this can happen in Latvia as a state governed by the rule of law,” said Dupate-Ugule.

The agency LETA informed that next week, on December 3, the Riga Regional Court will consider a complaint about the appropriate security measure against a businessman involved in possible human trafficking, the chairman of the board of the confectionery manufacturer “Adugs” Jāzeps Zukuls.


Police suspected of trafficking in human beings In the Latgale confectionery company, the police detained and arrested a businessman Jāzeps Zukula, who is the chairman of the board of the confectionery manufacturer “Adugs”. A number of third-country nationals have been exploited for a long time in a confectionery company without being paid their full wages, having their passports confiscated or threatened with deportation.

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