Adriana Volpe, Every morning does not close: “The ratings will go up”

Written by Denis Bocca, on August 18, 2020, in TV Programs

It doesn’t close every morning. Adriana Volpe: “The real competition will start in September”

The listen to Every morning they cannot be compared to those of Rai1; on the other hand, Tv8 is a young network that does not yet have its own precise identity and the management wanted to trust an unprecedented couple like the one composed by Adriana Volpe and Alessio Viola who run the program from Monday to Friday Every morning, which does not close due to low ratings. This was confirmed Adriana Volpe in an interview with the weekly New Tv (on newsstands from today):

“Closure? But when ever, Alessio and I sail in beautiful waters and we are very calm. The ratings will go up. Only in September will the real competition begin ”.

Adriana Volpe on Alessio Viola: “We are calm. Arriving in December we will sum up every morning ”

Always on the weekly New Tv Adriana Volpe continued to talk about Every morning ensuring that “When December arrives we will draw conclusions. I am convinced that the ratings will double, bringing them from 1 to 2 percent. I take the field to win, not to participate “. With Alessio Viola the relationship is extraordinary, made up of great complicity: “We are calm. I have never worked so well in my life. A nice synergy has been established “. Yes is took a revenge, Adriana Volpe, after his farewell to Rai and now seems to have found a work environment where he can put to good use all the years of television experience he has on his shoulders.

Giancarlo Magalli, Adriana Volpe speaks: “I am his obsession”

“I’m his obsession” he has declared Adriana Volpe about Giancarlo Magalli, adding a hit: “Will hear the hearings approaching”. To lead Every morning she had to move to Milan with her daughter, while maintaining the roots they have in Rome firmly: “First summer of my life in which I work continuously”.

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