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Adonis… from the old days – Documento – 2024-04-25 00:52:52

Adonis Georgiadis is the politician who makes black and white throughout his political career. Apart from the countless political upheavals, since 2012 the Minister of Health, who switched from the LAOS to the ND, appeared in front of the difficult electoral situations for the blue faction and terrorized the citizens. In 2015 he appeared every day on the channels terrorizing that Tsipras will take us out of the euro, while earlier he had announced that he would emigrate if SYRIZA was elected. Seeing now the big polling losses for Mitsotakis’ ND, he threatened in an interview a few days ago to the citizens who want to send a message of protest to the government that “messages are not free. And sending sms from our mobile phone has a cost. Everything in our life has a cost”. In fact, he added that if the government is voted against, there will be strikes and riots and “the markets will see this at some point. Markets measure political risk economically.” The Minister of Health, who had not convinced the residents of Chalandrio not to vote for Simos Roussos as mayor because their municipality would lose funds, is in a panic. A.K.

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