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“Low Interest in Subsidized Electric Motor Conversion Program in Jakarta”


Electric motor conversion subsidy still less interested in society. In fact, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources noted that only 200 units of petrol motorbikes have been proposed for conversion. Even though the maximum target is 50 thousand units a year.

Devi Laksmi as the Coordinator of the Energy Conservation Business Development Working Group at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, explained that the proposal had yet to be processed. Because, he said, the verification process from government partner workshops is still ongoing until now.

“So there are 200 units that have submitted (conversion) via the digital platform. Currently, the verification process is still in progress at the workshop, such as looking at the documents first. The target is 50,000 units at most,” Devi said when met at Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

Conversion of gasoline motors into electric motors. Photo: A. Prasetia/detikcom

Devi is aware that the proposal for a convertible electric motorbike is still far from the maximum target. That is why, his party continues to make various efforts to increase public interest. In addition to adding partner workshops, they also held outreach in the regions.

“How to achieve this target? Socialization. We also have our own socialization in the regions. And we provide training to prospective conversion workshops. Yes, then we will certainly increase the number of conversion workshops. We will continue to add them,” he said.

Fuel-to-electricity conversion workshop Photo: Fuel-to-electricity conversion workshop/Sylke Febrina Laucereno-detik.com

According to Devi, currently there are six workshops that handle the subsidized electric motorbike conversion program. However, he ensured, the number will continue to grow in the future.

“There are six conversion workshops that have been involved. Two more, and another 14 workshops which are currently still completing technical deficiencies. So (later) there will be 22 conversion workshops,” said Devi.

It is known that the electric motor conversion program has been announced by the government since March 20 and was initiated directly by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The government has allocated assistance of Rp. 7 million for each gasoline motorbike converted to an electric motorbike. Meanwhile, the quota is intended for 50 thousand units of convertible motorbikes.

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