Adobe: end of game for Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix

Adobe will withdraw two of its completely forgotten applications, including the publisher who has not updated them for a long time. Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix will retire on June 21, according to the FAQs for both apps (here and was).

These applications reflect a time when Adobe did not really know how to take the mobile market, preferring to decline its Photoshop brand in multiple small apps rather than launching into the adaptation of its entire flagship software – we finally got it. end of 2019 with Photoshop for iPad. Photoshop Mix, launched in 2014, is a compositing tool with editing filters, first released on iPad before its optimization for the iPhone some months later. Its last update dates back to 2017.

As for Photoshop Fix, the app was launched on iPhone and iPad in 2015, focusing more specifically on retouching. Adobe delivered a final update in 2018 to support the iPhone X. The publisher recommends that users, if any remain, go with weapons and luggage on Photoshop Express Photo Editor which takes over most of the functions of Mix and Fix.



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