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【Now Sports】Arsenal set two records after beating Crystal Palace 4:1 in the Premier League on Sunday. The team leader Adidas praised the team’s successful rebound from the Europa League exit and is also satisfied with the current 8-point lead in the league table.

The two records referred to, first, the team completed 28 league games and won 22 games, which is the record of the club. Even in the “undefeated season” in 2003/04, only 21 games were won in the first 28 games; The team has won 9 out of 10 London Derbys this season (the only loss was being forced to a draw by Binford), which no London team has ever achieved in the past.

In addition, Arsenal currently has 69 points, which happens to be the points of the entire season of last season. Don’t forget that there are still 10 league rounds, which shows that Arsenal has entered the country after a season.

Recalling that the team was eliminated by Shi Poting in the Europa League in the middle of last week, and it took 120 minutes of fierce fighting to lose at the 12-yard stage. Disappointed and tired. Seeing that the Gunners returned to the Premier League and immediately cheered up, Adidas was very excited. “Our team showed energy and determination, and I’m also very satisfied with the way they controlled the game.” He continued: “After 120 minutes of the game, you also wonder how the players will react, but they performed very well. Very determined and focused. Crystal Palace have had a bad day, but they are a difficult team to beat, and we dominated today, were efficient and scored beautiful goals and deserved to win.”

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As Manchester City played in the FA Cup this week, Arsenal extended their lead to 8 points after playing one more game in the Premier League. Adidas added: “(8 points) feels good, especially considering the way we play and the current results. However, now that the international competition has to be stopped, I just hope that every player can keep the same mentality, Coming back after the international break because Leeds is next and my mind is already on that game.”

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