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Adele ultra happy to finally be able to do her residency in Las Vegas!

Adele finally arrives in Las Vegas. After a postponement in January, the young woman will go on stage at the César Palace in November.

Adele will finally do her residency in Las Vegas. At Caesars Palace more precisely. And that for several months. After having postponed this date several times, the singer is finally ready. We tell you more in this article.

Adele finally arrives in Las Vegas

At the start of the year, Adele was filming herself in tears explaining that she had to cancel her tour in Las Vegas. Finally his residence at Caesars Palace which was to last several months. On January 20, she declared: I am so sorry, but my show is not ready”.

The reason ? His team was suffering from covid-19. ” Half of my team is sick with Covid-19 and it was impossible to finalize the show”. Adele is a perfectionist. She wanted a show that reflected her image. And so far that was not the case.

The young woman wanted to cancel because fans from all over the world had to come and see her in this Palace. However, everything was going well for the singer this year. His new album 30 is a real worldwide success. Everyone pulls it off.

A really successful comeback. But it lacked a bit of logistics. But this time it’s the right one. Adele announced it, she will finally be able to perform on the mythical stage of Las Vegas. The one that has seen Elvis Presley perform for years.

And the plan remains the same. Adele will perform every weekend at Caesars Palace. But in the end, it will be for more than 12 weeks. An incredible show that the young woman was proud to announce. On her Instagram account, she announced the good news to her fans.

The César Palace welcomes the singer for 12 weeks

Adele does not regret having postponed her show in Las Vegas at all. Because it was for the best. She confided in her moods in her Instagram post. Indeed, she published the poster which will be on the front page of the César Palace. And she is masterful.

“After what seems like an eternity to find the logistics of the show I really want to deliverand knowing that it can happen, I’m more excited than ever! “But the young woman also wanted to apologize to her fans.

« I know for some of you, it was an awful decision on my part, and I’ll always be sorry for that, but I promise you it was the right one. Being with you in such an intimate space every week has been what I’ve been looking forward to the most and I’m going to give you the best of myself. « .

Anyone can now book tickets to see Adele in Las Vegas. All’s well That ends well ! In addition, his album keeps selling in the whole world. It is a real success. We then wonder what his show will be.

The singer will start the concerts in Vegas in November. And that will end in March. So you have time to go and see her if you wish. A golden opportunity!