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If you have an iPhone or iPad and a Mac, you can with the camera handover Easily create pictures and graphics and transfer them directly to the Prezi Video desktop application and add them to your video as you create. This means that you can add photos taken with your phone, scanned documents, or drawings you have sketched in just a few steps. Here is our guide on connecting your devices to the camera handover to add graphics to your videos.


Note: This feature only works when an iOS device (iOS 12 or later) and a Mac computer (macOS 10.14 or later) are paired.

Connect your devices

The camera handover only works when your devices are nearby. Also make sure that:

  1. Your Mac and iOS devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
  2. Your Mac and iOS device are with the same Apple ID using the Two-factor authentication signed in to iCloud.

Take a picture on your iOS device and add it to Prezi Video

1. Open the Prezi Video desktop app and select Create new video or open a previously saved draft from the right sidebar.

2. Go to in the lower toolbar content and right click in the video window or select To edit & gt; Paste from iPhone / iPad from the top toolbar.


Did you know? You can also use camera handover on your Mac in apps like Finder, Keynote 8.2 or higher, Messages, Email, Notes, TextEdit, etc.

3. To add a photo, select the option from the drop-down menu take a picture. Your iPhone or iPad will automatically open the camera. Tap the button to take a photo and then tap Use photo. You will then see the picture in Prezi Video.

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4. To add a scanned document to your video, select the option from the drop-down menu Scan documents. Place your document on your iPhone or iPad within sight of the camera and wait for the scan to complete. If you need to manually capture a scan, tap the Take Picture button or one of the volume keys, drag the corners to fit the scan to the page, and then tap Keep scan. You will see the scan in Prezi Video.

5. To add a drawing, choose Add a sketch from the drop down menu. Then create your visualization on your iOS device and click too Finished in the top toolbar when you’re ready. Your drawing will appear in the Prezi Video app in a transparent PNG format.

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