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Adana Demirspor Technical Officer Serkan Damla Discusses Tactics and Player Changes in Post-Match Press Conference


In the 15th week of Trendyol Super League, Adana Demirspor lost 3-1 away to Galatasaray. Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Adana Demirspor Technical Officer Serkan Damla said, “The first half of the game did not go as we planned. We wanted to meet Galatasaray in the second zone and get into position with quick attacks. We wanted to play with a little more possession of the ball. They are a team that puts intense pressure and pressure. We wanted to use the spaces at the back. We tried to do these in a planned way in the second half of the match. When we talked to the players at the half-time, we said that we had to play with the ball and start the game from the back. We were a little more successful in the second half. The game came to 2-1. 2-2 “It could have come to ‘, we had positions but it didn’t happen. We conceded the 3rd goal with the ball we lost in the last minutes and were defeated. We will look at the upcoming matches. We had a certain understanding of the game. We are trying to get it settled again. We are a team that likes to have the ball and attack,” he said.



Serkan Damla said at the press conference: ‘You played better when Belhanda and Emre Akbaba came out. Are the changes overdue? He gave the following answer to the question:

We were not late in making player changes. When they fell out of the game, I intervened. I think I made the change just in time. We had positions with Emre and Belhanda. We did not play Emre like number 6. We thought about pulling N’Diaye there and pushing Emre Akbaba forward. They probably couldn’t do anything among themselves there. We thought about bringing one of the two midfielders and letting the other one meet the loose ball. We couldn’t make it in the first half, we started playing long. We wanted to start by creating a game. Emre Akbaba, with his back turned, came and tried to get the ball. Emre is an offensive player. He can do better work when he receives the ball in the front area. We couldn’t multiply ahead because it came too far back.

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