Adam Mišík is completely smitten with Kubelková’s daughter: This is how they make love together by the sea

5 – – Adam Mišík and Natálie Jirásková

Adam Mišík and Natálie Jirásková

Adam Mišík and Natálie Jirásková are a new couple in Czech show business. A number of beauties have passed the bed of the young musician, yet it seems that he does not take the relationship with Ivy Kubelková’s daughter lightly. The lovebirds are currently enjoying a vacation together in Greece, sending fans lovey-dovey greetings from the beach.

Adam Mišík and Natálie Jirásková have only been dating for a short time, but they decided to strengthen their relationship on their first holiday together.

The singer and the blonde model went to Greece, where they fully enjoy their new love. Since their romance is no longer a secret, to the delight of fans, Adam and Natalia took their first photos together.

In one of the pictures, Mišík is holding Jirásková’s stomach and leaning towards her as if he wanted to kiss her. In others, they frolic together in the waves and pose next to an excavator parked on the beach. Jirásková then uploaded photos from the trip to her profile, where she and Mišík are again lovingly cuddling with each other.

Mišík’s weakness for models

Adam Mišík already experienced love like a beam at the age of eighteen with model Diana Kratochvílova. Their relationship lasted three years and the breakup was caused by infidelity.

In February 2019, the winner of Miss Czech Republic Denisa Spergerová became the singer’s new girlfriend, but even this romance did not last and they broke up after three months. Since then, Mišík has been involved with the beautiful Daniela Goršková or the model Barbora Mudrochová, with whom he appeared in the summer of 2019 at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

He then appeared at a public event alongside an unknown, charming blonde. Only time will tell whether the relationship with Natália Jirásková will last longer.

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