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Acute danger of collapse at Tienen station: city orders NMBS to guarantee stability

Tiens mayor Katrien Partyka (Team Tienen) has now really had it with the dilapidated station building in Tienen. In a bailiff’s writ, she ordered NMBS to carry out stability works on the building within seven working days.

A stability study has shown that there is an immediate risk of collapse and that stabilizing works must be carried out urgently. “We knew the building was in bad shape, but now we know exactly how bad,” Mayor Partyka said. “The right wing of the building is about to collapse. This became apparent after an investigation.”

The mayor has therefore ordered NMBS, under the leadership of CEO Sophie Dutordoir, via bailiff’s writ to carry out works within seven working days, on penalty of a penalty of 5,000 euros per day. The letter should arrive this afternoon.

“We expect an answer by Tuesday noon at the latest,” Mayor Partyka said. “If necessary, these works can also be carried out officially on behalf of the city, with the costs being recovered from the NMBS.”

Security perimeter

The city expects that NMBS will now take its responsibility to stop the further deterioration of the station building. “In the meantime, the city’s technical department, in collaboration with the fire brigade and local police, has established a security perimeter on platform 1 to ensure the safety of travelers,” Mayor Partyka said. “The station will remain open, because it mainly concerns the right wing. The perimeter will also have no impact on the timetable for the time being.”

Partyka: “I’m tired of it. The station building has been dilapidated for years, it has been repeatedly raised, and the Immovable Heritage Agency has also been asking for measures to be taken for two years. This was also not complied with, which means that this authority will also be forced to take additional measures and draw up a report.”

“NMBS was today informed by the city of Tienen of the findings from the stability study commissioned by the city,” says Dimitri Temmerman, spokesperson for NMBS. “We are analyzing this and are going on site with our specialized services.”

No danger whatsoever

Temmerman: “For NMBS, the safety of its travelers and employees is the absolute priority. That is why she had a stability study carried out for the station building more than a year ago, both externally, by the specialized company ARAT, and her own services. There appeared to be no danger at all. If the situation were to change, it goes without saying that NMBS will immediately take the necessary steps for safety reasons.”

In recent months, NMBS has been looking for a partner to give the station building a new purpose. “There were several interested parties, but we received insufficient guarantees regarding the renovation of the building, which would have been an obligation for the leaseholder,” says Temmerman. “NMBS has therefore decided to carry out the necessary renovation work on the building itself, and then start looking for a new purpose. In any case, part of the building will remain reserved for train passengers, with a waiting room, counters and sanitary facilities.”

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