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Actress Sherine Reda shuts down “Sheikh of fortune-tellers” during interview on marriage status

Actress Sherine Reda faced a question from the “Sheikh of fortune-tellers” about the reasons for her not getting married yet.

During an interview with the program “The Fortune Teller”, presented by the journalist Basma Wahba on the “An-Nahar” screen on Saturday evening, she simply replied, “I don’t want to.” The sheikh of the fortune-tellers only replied: “My eyes are in your eyes.” The artist Sherine Reda responded sharply to him: “Come in front of me and stand.” Your eyes are in my eyes, not behind the screen!”

For her part, journalist Basma Wahba rebuked “Sheikh Al-Arafin” – an anonymous character who asks questions to the guests via video conference technology during the episode – and described him as “disappointed” because of his failed questions, as described by artist Sherine Reda.

During the segment, the sheikh of fortune-tellers tried to flirt with the artist Sherine Reda, telling her, “I love her so much,” to ask the media personality, Basma Wahba, to marry her, saying, “What do I tell you, don’t marry me.”

Journalist Basma Wahba commented jokingly with her guest: “All men stand in front of you. What should I do?” Lock him down, he’s going to fight back.”

The artist, Sherine Reda, faced a personal question at the end of the episode that she considered harsh and inappropriate to ask on a television program, saying: “I think this is too much…it is not appropriate.”

I wondered if this was the last question in the episode, so the journalist, Basma Wahba, confirmed this. She then left the studio without answering the question after throwing the question paper in front of her.

For her part, the journalist Basma Wahba admitted that she disagreed with the preparation team regarding the question, pointing out that it was very personal and she was then forced to end the program after her guest withdrew.

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