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Actress Kwang Kamonchanok reveals her battle with herniated disc and tumors in latest interview – “I endured pain for 3 years and took sleeping pills every night”

“Kwang Kamonchanok” updates on her herniated disc, endured pain for 3 years, took sleeping pills every night?

Opened up for the first time for the young actress. “Kwang Kamonchanok” Regarding the illness, a herniated disc, I suffered for more than 3 years and had to take sleeping pills every day. It also detected tumors in the uterus and ovaries. Through the program “Kuay Zab Show”

Now P’Kwang is having a problem with a herniated disc in his spine?

Kwang: Now, after knowing this, I’m going to see a doctor and get an MRI done. I also do physical therapy every other day. Then exercise according to what the physical therapist tells you to do. Can’t lift heavy things. Sitting for a long time causes pain here and there. From being someone who fights a lot. I rarely get sick. You have to adjust your life.

P’Kwang has endured this for almost 3 years?

Kwang: Yes, I didn’t know that you were. At first, I thought that I was tired from filming a drama. Normally, I only act once in a while, but I’ve done a lot of acting, playing heavy roles. On the days I wasn’t filming, I picked up my child, dropped off my child, and had a lot of activities. I endured it and went to get a massage. At first, my legs ached. First, from someone who doesn’t massage at all. I have become addicted to massage. The masseuse said that Khun Kwang is getting harder and harder. This means that I have to massage harder and harder.

Did you see that you diagnosed the disease yourself?

Kwang: Find information and think for yourself about taking cholesterol medicine. who you are It may cause muscle pain. It’s a side effect from medicine. I went to tell the doctor that I was in pain. Doctor, please help me change my medicine. The doctor changed. When time changes, we have to wait another 3 months, 6 months to see if we are okay with this or not. It kept changing within 2 years until this group of drugs was gone. Khun Kwang, the doctor has changed the medicine to a weaker one. Because Khun Kwang still hasn’t recovered from his pain, right? If the doctor changes this time, Khun Kwang must be careful about food. Cholesterol will go up. Because the medicine is weak If it doesn’t go away again, it’s not the doctor’s medicine. But it didn’t go away, so I went to see an orthopedist. Who would think that I am a strong person? You can go ride a 23-kilogram bike with Knot and your child. It’s just tiring. I’m getting older. I had surgery on my uterus and ovaries 2 years ago. Simply put, getting older can cause fatigue. Therefore we must exercise.

And at what point did the pain begin? Until I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. Do you need to see an orthopedist?

Kwang: People and that person, this person, who knows, they say that if it’s not muscle, it must be bone. And I like to do live broadcasts of singing and playing with my child with P’Not on Facebook. And I feel that my thighs are starting to feel numb, my calves are aching, my back is aching, and my back is hurting many times. I feel like it’s not normal.

I saw that at that time it was very painful. To the point of having to take sleeping pills?

Kwang: Yes, it’s been many months since I’ve had pain late at night. The more we stay still I could feel that it was painful. Late at night, I stepped on myself with my leg. Take the left leg and step on the right. Then stretch your legs up. Whatever we feel is tight, we go see a doctor. The doctor assumes that this is the case. But the doctor said that in order for him to decide, he had to do an MRI. We weren’t afraid of an MRI, but just kept it free and went for another 6 months, until the beginning of this year. I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. It got worse. That day I was in a lot of pain so I went to the doctor. I got painkillers and had an MRI done. The results were clear. It was shocking. The disc was between the bones. The disc in the problem area deteriorated, then it became black, then thinned and then printed and hit the nerve on the right side.

The doctor said that if left alone Maybe you can’t walk?

Kwang: Yes, it’s gradually increasing. Walking doesn’t mean it hurts a lot. In the end, it may be necessary to have surgery. The doctor said that it was not necessary and that he did not want Khun Kwang to have the surgery. The treatment will be palliative, but Khun Kwang must be diligent in physical therapy.

Still haven’t found a cyst in the breast?

Kwang : That one is small, tiny, many sacs. And it was many years ago. It doesn’t appear to have mutated or look abnormal. There is no genetic predisposition to malignancy. I think it must be atrophied, I thought about it myself. Because it’s all been cut.

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