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Actress Invites Fans to Live Workout and Reveals Daughter’s Relationship Struggles

The actress from vacation in the Canary Islands regularly invites her fans to watch her workout, which she broadcasts live. She also commented on her daughter’s relationships during one broadcast Agáty Hanychová. „Agatha is having a hard time. All the newspapers wrote that Agátka had left Mr. Soukup. No, it was that at the end of the vacation, Mr. Soukup said that he no longer wanted to be with Agátka. Maybe if you saw the grandchildren after Mr. Soukup’s visit, you would also agree with it, even if they are not together,” shocked Veronika Žilková with her statement on Instagram.

According to her, it is clear that Agatha’s older children were not enthusiastic about their “substitute father”. For Miroslav Dopitawhom Hanychová married at the end of last year, scores with the whole family.

We all try to raise children as best we can. Sometimes the life also exercises with us and the children, as we do not wish. It is an exercise of destiny, of life. It is important to survive it, endure it and find a solution that someone will always take away, but preferably at least family members. I am very happy that Agátka married Mirek, he is an impeccable boy. Nobody planned this, nobody wanted it. Agátka wanted to be with Jaromír, it just didn’t work out and we need to move on“, Žilková admitted, saying that Dopita is an excellent father for all the children, so a substitute for Mia and Rozárka.

She turned nicely

Before, however, Žilková was definitely not enthusiastic about Dopita. Even when Agáta broke up with Dopita in 2012 because of his infidelities, her mother wasn’t too interested.

With my then husband Martin Stropnický (67) was, in her words, solving existential problems. At that time, both were “retired” from the Vinohrady Theater. “I don’t really care about the drink now. But not my sons. They’d like to defend their sister’s honor, but we’re not in the Middle Ages, and besides, they’re still very young.” claimed Žilková.

Veronika Žilková with her granddaughter Rozárka: Procreation is the strongest natural law! David Turek, Elmer Carvalho

2011: Agáta Hanychová with Mirek Dopita, when Kryšpína was waiting with him

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