Actress Hanan Mutawa Talks About Her Dream Man and Success in “Voice and Picture” Series

Actress Hanan Mutawa revealed the characteristics of the boy of her dreams that she wished for while studying at university, confirming that she was dreaming of a man who had the qualities of Hollywood star Kevin Costner, but her husband was more beautiful than the one she dreamed of.

Hanan said: “The boy of my dreams in college was Kevin Costner, but Amir Josie is more important than the boy of my dreams, and he has much better characteristics than the boy of my dreams… God’s choice is much better than our choices.”

Regarding her work, she said: “I have money on the back of the earth from producers, producers, artists, and those who borrow and do not pay, and I never like to borrow… Debt is a humiliation, I live on a pedestal, and, oh God, we don’t need anyone.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Hanan Mutawa’s latest work is the series “Voice and Picture”, through which she achieved great success and received wide praise from the audience.

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