Suzan & Freek’s Dream Weekend: A Wedding Announcement

Suzan Stortelder and Freek Rikkerink got married on Saturday. The Gelderland duo, who have been the successful singing duo Suzan & Freek for years, announce the happy news via Instagram and speak of ‘a dream weekend’. ‘We are married!’

“For a weekend of nothing but love, delicious dining, crying about the speeches and dancing until we couldn’t dance anymore, all with the sweetest friends and family around us,” is what they said about the wedding party. Photos show Suzan wearing a white wedding dress with a long veil and Freek wearing a beige suit.

Suzan and Freek have been together for over fifteen years and come from the Achterhoek. Freek has been visiting Suzan since he was 14, and is almost considered a fourth child by her parents. Last July they announced they were getting married, after a proposal in Berlin. But they kept it a secret when exactly they would say yes to each other.

‘Even more of a team because of the music’

The thirtysomethings broke through to the general public in 2018 and have since become one of the most prominent acts in the Netherlands. They made hits such as Goud, Dromen in Kleur and Weg van jou. Since the corona era, they have been part of occasional band The Streamers for some time. In October it was announced that Suzan & Freek would be back would withdraw from the collaboration to ‘focus more on one’s own plans.’

Their singing success has made the two even closer, Freek said two and a half years ago in an interview with this site. “It feels like a lot of people have come to us and that in response we have become closer to each other.” Suzan: “We can only share those experiences with each other. The music makes us even more of a team, it has only gotten better.”

The photos show them getting married at a barn. It is still unknown whether it is located in their beloved Achterhoek. It is clear that the wedding had at least one Achterhoek element: the wedding photos were taken by a photographer from Aalten.

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Suzan and Freek at a performance in Breda in July. © Brunopress

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2023-12-03 17:14:24
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