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Actor Walter Quartier (68) sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexual offenses with daughters

“My daughters are bad actresses,” responded Walter Quartier when he was questioned at the end of 2017 after a complaint from his eldest daughter about rape and indecent assault.

Walter Quartier’s eldest daughter went to the police, six months after her younger sister died at the age of 29 in October 2016. According to the eldest daughter’s complaint, they were allegedly sexually assaulted in childhood. The youngest daughter had told in her diaries and in conversations with her sister about a gang rape in the dressing room of the theater by her father and some other actors. The girl would have been 14 at the time.

The police started an investigation into Quartier, who until ten years ago played many guest roles in series such as FC De Kampioenen, Familie, Gert and Samson, Thuis, Witse and also in the Dutch series Flodder. In the investigation, actors were questioned and telephones were tapped.

With daughters in bed

No evidence was found for the gang rape. The psychiatrist could not rule out that it was a ‘pseudo-memory’ of the daughter who was struggling with psychological problems. Father Quartier and the other actors were excluded from prosecution for that accusation.

The prosecutor considers the assault on the chastity of both daughters to be proven. Quartier, for example, had the habit of crawling into bed with his daughters after a night of sagging in a café. That was a weekly meal according to his wife. She had to get her husband out of bed regularly because he nearly spurned the little girls. However, she had never seen anything of sexual abuse.

The court pronounced its judgment this morning in the absence of suspect Walter Quartier. He was also not present during the oral pleadings. According to the court, the facts have been proven and the 68-year-old actor deserves an effective prison sentence of 4 years for this. He is also deprived of his civil rights.

The attorney asked for the immediate arrest of Quartier, but the court did not respond. The daughter burst into tears when the judge handed down the conviction.

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