Actor Joe Cliff Thompson – This Bloody Business

This week, Andrew talks with voice actor Joe Cliff Thompson about his work on video games (The Forgotten City, System Shock), starring in the upcoming indie horror feature Witch Child and the horrifically, mysterious, creepypasta SCP YouTube phenomenon that is Dr. Bob (120,879,450 views and counting.)
Joe gives us an in-depth look at breaking into animation voicework, making acting choices in horror, the benefits of going to cattle-calls, the microphone he secretly lusts after and much, much more.
And in Andrew’s 5 Big Questions (at the end of the podcast), Joe talks about the difference between prepping for acting and voice acting, finding a second gear when he feels stuck creatively, the breakfast that starts his creative day and what movie really gives him the heebie-jeebies.
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(S1 E7) – Beware: Grown Up Language and Spoilers in this Episode!
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