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Accumulating Risks and Traps: The Unpopular Truth about Ukrainian Society

Tension in Ukrainian society is accumulating by leaps and bounds, but this situation cannot last long – sooner or later “the spring will break,” Arestovich said.

Military-political commentator, ex-adviser of the OPU Oleksiy Arestovich touched upon a topic that is now unpopular in Ukraine, which, however, concerns very serious things. According to him, Ukrainians accumulate risks every day and fall into a number of traps within Ukraine.

“We are defeating Putin on the battlefield, but our problem is that we are a very young society that does not know how to engage in strategic planning. We need to prepare for all options at once, not even mentally, but materially. And we understand the state of bomb shelters that we are not fucking ready, even for the 17th month”,said Arestovich in an interview with Inge Meser.

According to the analyst, we are very naive, because we have only one plan – victory over Russia and the collapse of Putin’s empire. No one wants to seriously discuss all other options for the development of events, both at the state and at the public level.

“But even Comrade Stalin understood that it is possible to tighten the screws either politically or economically, but it’s impossible: too much burden falls on the people. And our people bear a triple burden: psychological, economic and political. Tension in society is accumulating by leaps and bounds, and this situation cannot continue for a long time.ka will break after the war or, forbid Baboutd, during the war, if it lasts long enough. And it won’t seem enough to us, – noted Arestovich.

Then the expert named three traps into which Ukrainians drive themselves. The first is the counter-dependent relationship with Russia. All our state and public thought does not go beyond the collapse of Russia and victory over Russia. We do not have a plan for the development of Ukraine for 50 years, and the very posing of this question causes gnashing of teeth, curses and a ban on discussion.

“If Russian imperialism collapses, we will get the strongest shock. We will find that we have no planning and there is nothing where there would be no Russia and a hard struggle against it,” – explained Arestovich.

The second trap is the emergence of a basic myth in society, which consists in glorifying the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Defense Forces. After the end of the war, when people with post-traumatic syndrome, a keen sense of justice, claims to society and the habit of solving everything by force to return to civilian life, a huge number of basic domestic conflicts will arise. A grenade pumped to neighbors, shooting for a parking space, etc. And the military will begin to be perceived as a source of danger. “Already today there are military commissars who grab people on the streets. And this has already given rise to the syndrome that a person in uniform is on the street Is it dangerous. Will there still be, – added Arestovich.

And the third trapit’s the economy. Tariffs are going up, and in general the economic nuts are not loosening at all, but quite the contrary.

“Can you imagine what will happen after the war. Will the refugees return, etc. Add to all this the collapse of Russia and the refugees from there. What is the scale of the challenge we face? Do we have a public discussion about this? No. Any talk on this the topic is repressed, spat on, shut up. Is there a state policy on this? No. We reduced everything to victory over Russia, the analyst recalled.

Then Arestovich gave advice to all Ukrainians to look further and think about what to do with Ukraine, and not reduce everything to a victory over Russia. These questions are directly before us, but we do not want to comprehend them. The West is in the same position, the expert stressed.

I will say this: a lot of events will still happen before the end of the war, and after the war, which will greatly surprise us in the sense that they will bang, and we will not be ready, so the nuclear danger in the list of real threats may be 15th, “ – ex-adviser of the OPU expressed his opinion.

Recall that Alexei Arestovich pointed out important details in the “Prigozhin rebellion”: “The situation is worse than I imagined.”

Earlier, Aleksey Arestovich suggested that he was hiding an abundance of information about Prigozhin.

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