Access Extra Money with ISSSTE Loan Draw for State Workers

Access Extra Money with ISSSTE Loan Draw for State Workers

The ISSSTE Loan Draw is offered to State workers regardless of whether they are active, retired or pensioned.

Mexico.- The Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE) offers its users the possibility of participating in personal loan raffles, so if they benefit, they will be able to access extra money that will be paid within a set period and with a moderate interest rate.

The operating rules of the ISSSTE Loan Draw point out that each award is a type of financing that is offered to State workers, regardless of whether they are in active, retired or pensioners.

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What types of loans does ISSSTE offer?

  • Ordinary and Exclusive Ordinary for pensioners

It can be refinanced even when there is an outstanding balance of an ordinary loan, as long as at least half of the initial period granted has elapsed and the payments corresponding to said period have been covered. The refinancing will cover the outstanding balance and the premium will be paid. of the Guarantee Reserve and the Renewal contribution charged to the new loan.

  • Ordinary Emerging type

Its assignment is immediate if the requirements defined in the applicable regulations for Ordinary loans are met. The applicant must not have a current loan, the amount of the loan is up to 20 thousand pesos and the term for which it will be granted is 12 fortnights for active workers or 6 months for pensioners.

  • Commemorative of the 1917 Constitution
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No personal loan will be granted for the acquisition of durable goods while the applicant has an unpaid balance from a previous loan of any type.

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  • Extraordinary for Victims of Natural Disasters

It can be granted, regardless of the debit balance that the applicant has, as long as said balance complies with the provisions of the applicable standard and no more than 60 days have elapsed between the declaration of a natural disaster by the General Coordination of Civil Protection. of the Secretariat of Citizen Security and the date of loan application.

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