Gruesome Discovery: Mutilated Leg Found in Queens Trash Can

Gruesome Discovery: Mutilated Leg Found in Queens Trash Can

New York police found a mutilated leg in a Queens trash can.

A very sinister discovery. New York police were called Wednesday after a human leg, missing the rest of the body it belonged to, was seen in a Queens trash can. THE ” New York Post », which relates this sordid story, explains that the mutilated remains were found by passers-by walking on 164th Street, around 6:30 p.m.

According to the first descriptions of this macabre discovery, the leg protruded from a red garbage dumpster installed in the parking lot of a bank. Element which adds a little more horror to this file: the leg was covered in maggots.

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Unanswered questions

To begin their investigation, NYPD officers began viewing surveillance camera footage. But for the moment, few elements have been given, while the research has barely begun.

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The “New York Post” explains that the leg found had to be handed over to the medical examiner’s office. Many questions remain, including the main one: who owned this dismembered body part.

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