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About 30 hooded fans vandalize pastry in Braga

The Braga para Todos civic movement reported on Saturday a new wave of robberies and vandalism in the city of Braga, calling for more police patrol on the streets and the installation of CCTV cameras, in a preventive manner.

In a statement, the group of citizens calls on the PSP to deploy troops in the city center in order to convey “security” and prevent robberies in the downtown streets.

Luís Pinto, the group’s current spokesman, says that during the night, “only two cars on patrol” are sighted, something that is confirmed by sources of that police, but “should be more”.

These measures, says the official, are requested “in the face of constant robberies that have plagued the city and affect vehicles and shops.”

According to the move, several owners complain that their cars are being scratched, something that is reinforced by a pamphlet placed on one of the streets, where the end of vandalism is requested.

In addition to vandalism and car theft, Braga Para Todos claims to be “concerned about theft of last-day establishments in the city center.”

The group leaves the appeal to the municipality to place “surveillance cameras (CCTV) in some streets and pedestrian areas”.

He is even caustic with Ricardo Rio, mayor of Braga, accusing him of “being stopped seeing and doing nothing”.

According to PSP, there was in fact an abnormal record of car vandalism during one night during the Christmas period in the city.

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